There are so many benefits of having a 3D/4D/HD experience including deep family bonding with your baby, celebrating the momentous occasion of your baby entering the world, maternal feeling of well-being, and its a great way for a sibling to understand the very abstract process of pregnancy through the use of a strong visual which makes sense to them.

When a sibling views the new baby through the use of ultrasound, it gives them a sense of what’s coming and honestly starts a beautiful life long cohesive sibling relationship all before their sibling is even born.

ARDMS Staffed

We have trained and registered Ultrasound sonographers who perform your ultrasound. Our staff is ARDMS (American Registered Diagnostic Medical Sonographer) registered.

Customer Service

Customer service is our number one priority. We strive to make this experience EXCITING, comfortable, and to give you that precious connection with your baby!

Best Equipment

Our ultrasound facility is equipped with the highest quality Samsung-Medison WS80 with HD ultrasound machine and offers a very comfortable seating area with a large screen to view your precious baby.

Hide & Seek Prenatal Peek is proud to offer the latest in 3D/4D/HD ultrasound technology.

We use a Samsung-Medison WS80 ultrasound machine which delivers unbelievable professional quality ultrasound images of your beautiful baby. We designed the environment of the studio to feel warm and inviting for you to have either a quiet bonding experience for just you and your immediate family or the studio is ready to celebrate with a large crowd of family and friends. The owner and operator of Hide & Seek Prenatal Peek wanted to create a beautiful “space” for families to bond and just thrive. However, the services offered are to be in “addition to” and not “in place of” prenatal care by a physician. So all clients must be under the supervision of a physician and receiving prenatal care to take part in our services. Also, while it is not the goal of our services, if a concern arises that the scanning sonographer feels should be brought to the attention of the physician overseeing your pregnancy, rest assured we will communicate those concerns to them immediately so they may decide if follow up care of further medical attention is warranted. We want your experience with Hide & Seek Prenatal Peek to be wonderful…. but also safe! These protocols are in place to help ensure all aspects of the babies (and mothers) health and well-being are being attended too.

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